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Sales Xcelleration

Sales excellence in any organization is rooted in its cross-functional set-up, as well as the capability to execute. This requires a high level of proficiency of your sales strategy, tools, leadership and operations in alignment with the unique value proposition and assets of your organization.

In this program we invite you to take a multi-dimensional view of the sales process. This allows you to analyze your own sales effort through a multi-facet lens and define and practice actions that are suitable to break the sales execution silos that hinder you to reach your full potential.

Built upon a customizable, interactive, dynamic and progressive case-study, every element of the program creates valuable and immediately actionable insights.

Program summary

Strategy and Leadership


Learning objectives

Building & Driving Sales Excellence


Skills & Competencies targeted

  • Sales Strategy Development

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Sales Operations

  • Collaboration, networking and synergies

  • Sales Leadership

  • Sales Process Optimization

  • Customer Centricity

  • Optimizing your sales value chain


Who is that for?

  • Sales Leaders (or future sales leaders)

  • Sales Reps

  • Cross-functional teams that aim to improve the synergies and cooperation with the sales organization

  • Non-sales teams that want to gain a better understanding of the dimensions of sales (and how to support them)


Why our programs are unique

  • Retrieval learning

  • Opportunity to practice in a safe environment

  • Apply and try tools in a real and dynamic situation

  • Networking, creating synergies, sharing best practices

  • Senior trainers with significant business experience

  • Multiple language delivery options

  • Professional certificate after program completion

  • Can be linked to strategic business application project

  • Program content can be adapted to industry background or business context


Time Requirements

  • 3 modules of 18h each

  • Modular program structure: 2- or 4-hour blocks

  • Flexible delivery model: remote, in-house, or blended



  • € 790,- / module / participant*

  • Minimum of 12 participants

  • Skill assessment tools available upon request

*Multiple cohort discount available

A cyclical approach to learning