iVentiv - Talent Management USA East

iVentiv - Talent Management USA East

Workforce & Talent Management of the Future

We are in the middle of the 4th industrial revolution, characterised by a major technology shift, while we are still trying to find the right balance for the “new way of work”. This unprecedented combination has created a change in skills requirements, with a stronger focus on adaptability, resilience, social and emotional competencies. Importantly, it requires organisations to find better ways to hire, onboard and engage talent as well as how to manage communication, learning and performance – and leverage the “right” technology in doing so. Angela Feigl will share experiences, best practices, and discuss how you can successfully lead your workforce, talent and your organisation in the future.


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October 19th - 20th 2021

14:00-17:00 EDT, (19:00-22:00 BST) USA East


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